We Finally Know What *Really* Went Down When Taylor Swift And Sophie Turner Met Up

A few days ago, Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift were spotted traipsing through New York City and the video pretty much set the world on fire. As you’ll remember: both ladies are the exes of Joe Jonas and since Sophie and Joe’s divorce is imminent, it’s v. intriguing that the gals would meet up.

We’ve now learned that the ladies had met up for dinner together. What they discussed? We don’t know for sure, but the internet certainly has its theories…

“Sophie seemed to be happy and enjoying the night,” an eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight, with ET’s source adding, “They seemed to be having the best time — they were laughing and chitchatting with the waitstaff and drinking martinis.”

An insider told Page Six that, while at Temple Bar, Turner and Swift dined on “many martinis with caviar bumps, which they seemed to love.” 

Meanwhile, another source told ET that the two gals “have always liked and respected each other.”

“They are fans of each other and have been friends for a while,” the source said. “Sophie doesn’t care that Taylor dated Joe. It was so long ago and in the past. Taylor has a good time when she’s with Sophie and they enjoyed some fun girl time together last night.”  

But wait, it gets spicier!

An insider shared to Deuxmoi that on the “same night that Sophie T and T Swift were at Via Carota, Joe J and Nick J[onas] were just a few blocks away at Holiday looking equally hot. Boys night.”


Wonder if Joe got wind of the meeting and decided to hit the town as well or if it’s a sheer coincidence and they’re both calling in the big guns.

Although I wouldn’t classify your lil bro as a “big gun”… especially compared to Miss Taylor Swift.

And now for the fan theories!

Swifties have pointed out that the fact that they met up mere days before Sophie’s new lawsuit against Joe cannot be a coincidence.

Were they discussing the lawsuit at the dinner? That remains to be seen. But Taylor Swift is all about timing and you’ve gotta admit, the timing of this is hella suss!

Meanwhile, a photo that’s rumoured to be from this lil gatho has been doing the rounds and if it’s legit, my god, our girl looks like she is already penning her latest banger about everything that’s going down.

Basically “Vigilante Shit” 2.0:

ICYMI: in early September, Joe and Sophie officially called it quits after “four wonderful years” of marriage via an Instagram statement, days after speculation swirled of a relationship breakdown between the two.

Ever since then — like most celeb breakups — fans have picked their sides, and of course, a plethora of “inside sources” have come forward with rumours as to why Joe and Sophie ended their relationship. It’s just been a media shitstorm.

Although most of these “inside sources” have allegedly come from Joe’s side, Sophie has remained radio silent about the whole ordeal. However, on Tuesday night, Sophie was spotted with Taylor!!! Peep the cheeky pic right here.

The pap shot? Hang it up in the Louvre, baby.

According to Just Jared, Sophie and Taylor were walking, linked arms and all, to a dinner in New York City.

Why is this a big deal? Well, if you don’t know, Taylor was also romantically linked to Joe back in the Disney Channel era of the Jonas Brothers.

Taylor famously called out the “Love Bug” singer after he reportedly broke up with her over a 27-second phone call in 2008. A couple of her songs, including “Forever & Always”, “Last Kiss” and “Holy Ground”, were rumoured to be about the Disney Channel prodigy.

I am just dying to know what they discussed over din dins. Another Joe roast fest, perhaps?

As per the publication, this has been the first time Sophie has been spotted after the divorce announcement, besides the pap shots of her filming Joan — an upcoming TV series based on the true events of Joan Harrington.

Joe is currently on tour with his fam’s band, the Jonas Brothers, and has publicly spoken out about the divorce.

During one of the JoBro gigs, Joe took time out of the set to address the rumours circulating about the demise of his marriage.

“It’s been a tough week,” he told the crowd.

“I just wanna say, look, if you don’t hear it from these lips, don’t believe it, okay?

“Thank you everyone for your love and support. Me and my family love you guys.”

Sophie has not shared anything publicly in regards to her relationship status, except for the shared IG statement.

However, I think her and Taylor hanging out said a lot.

Siri, chuck on “Welcome To New York” by Taylor.

Image source: Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris & Karwai Tang

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