Tom Brady Reacts to Rumor He'll Replace Aaron Rodgers on New York Jets

Tom Brady is not playing ball with this rumor.

After Aaron Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles tendon while making his debut as the New York Jets’ starting quarterback during the team’s season opener Sept. 11, speculation quickly mounted that the seven-time Super Bowl champion would return from retirementfor the second time—to take his place.

However, Brady was quick to set the record straight on the Sept. 18 episode of his, Brady responded to the rumor on the Let’s Go! podcast after cohost Jim Gray asked him directly, “The question everybody has been wondering is have the Jets called and are you considering the Jets?” 

Brady appeared to shake his head slightly while saying, “No, no, no” and then responded matter-of-factly, “Next question.”

“Asked and answered?” Gray continued, to which the NFL icon responded, “You already know.”

Brady, who also cohosts the show with fellow former football player Larry Fitzgerald, continued, “I love being with you guys on Mondays and I love what we got going.”