The Top Dog Salaries At One Australia’s Biggest Firms Have Leaked Online & Yeah, Eat The Rich

Hi, I’m a poor young person, and tonight I’ll be eating all of Deloitte’s top dog partners – because hot DAMN are they making a buttload according to some recently leaked documents.

One of Australia’s biggest ‘professional services firms’ — which let’s be real, doesn’t mean anything — Deloitte has had the pay packets of all equity and non-equity partners published as a result of a Senate inquiry into the PwC consultancy tax-avoidance scandal. Go Senate, drag these firms, baby!

This revealed the scandalously high amounts of money some of these fat-cats are making, despite requests from Deloitte’s CEO Adam Powick to keep the information private.

“The disclosure of remuneration information publicly would likely cause Deloitte and its partners detriment and could potentially undermine competition,” he pleaded.

Thankfully the Senate ain’t messin’ around and published it anyway. Savage, we love it.

Deloitte’s top dog pay packets. Source: Senate of Australia.

Turns out that of the 500+ equity partners at Deloitte, the top 19 of them are making *drumroll followed by spit-take* more than $1.43 million a year. Must. Be. Nice.

After looking at these amounts I can totally see why Powick didn’t want the public knowing they make that much. I’ve already got a WikiHow page open on how to start a revolution.

As well as the top 19 partners, information was given on the next highest paid 33 partners who all make between $1.15 million and $1.43 million. Meanwhile 168 make between $785,000 and $1.15 million.

If I wasn’t dehydrated due to trying to cut back on my water bill, I’d be crying.

Deloitte is currently in a Senate investigation for sharing confidential government information, which is why their pay packets have been published by the Senate in order to have more transparency.

In an earlier Senate grilling, Adam Powick revealed that he himself earns a cruisy salary of $3.5 million, which resulted in him being asked the following burner from Senator Deborah O’Neill: “Are you really worth seven times the salary of the Australian Prime Minister?”

To which Powick said, “No.”

Coincidentally, the same response that we’ll give him when he asks if any of the rich will be spared from being eaten as payment for their corporate greed.