The 10 Shit-Hot New Beauty Prods That You’ll Want To Make Space For On Your Shelf This Month

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It’s no secret that in the beauty writing biz, we’re lucky enough to get a cheeky sneak peek of a buuuuunch of skincare and beauty prods before they drop. From Mecca and Sephora right through to a bunch of smaller cult-fave Aussie beauty retailers, we’re privy to almost every new, shit-hot product that’s set to hit the shelves.

And instead of keeping this gold stash of info confined to our inboxes (embargoes aside, of course), we’ve decided to do the good Lord’s work and start a new monthly faves segment, whereby we’ll collate all our favourite new product drops and give you folks the exclusive dirty details.

In the spirit of not being here to f*ck spiders — let’s get into what’s new this September, shall we?

Super Ceramide Barrier Oil, $30

If winter’s done one big, fat, flaky number on your skin — Frank Body’s new Super Ceramide Barrier Oil has quickly become a fan fave. Described as a ‘daily defence against dryness, breakouts and skin sensitivity’, the lightweight oil protects and strengthens the skin barrier.

In other words, it’s a GOAT product if baking yourself in a house or office space with artificial heating all winter has left your skin as dry and dull as it comes.

Go-To Skincare Juicy Gel Cleanser, $39

This Juicy Gel Cleanser is a delicious new addition to Go-To Skincare’s best-sellers. Jam-packed with skin-loving ingredients like cucumber extract, lotus root water, aloe vera and jojoba esters — this concoction specialises in hydration, soothing and calming, as well as preventing dryness. The best part? It doesn’t leave you with that awful facial tightness that other cleansers are notorious for.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Sculpt Lengthening & Volumising Mascara, $46

A mascara is one of those beauty prods that’s hard as hell to get right. From wand type to colour and formula — there’s a lot that can go wrong. But, in the case of ABH’s new Lash Sculpt Lengthening & Volumising Mascara, there’s a lot that can go right.

After being tried and tested by the Refinery29 Australia team, it appears to offer a non-clumpy or flaky formula that’s buildable and lasts all day. Keen to get your mitts on one? You can snag 15% off if you use the code NEW15 at the checkout.

VIOLETTE_FR Bisou Blush, $56

Just one glance at this beautiful marble matte cream blush was all it took for us to know that this bad boy was going to be a hot spring favourite. Boasting a swirl of two shades – one sheerer and the other a richer hue — this VIOLETTE_FR Blush blends together to create a seamless natural flush of colour. It also comes with a built-in detachable brush for on-the-go touch-ups throughout the day.

Curl Wow Shook Mix + Fix Bundling Spray, $80

For all you wavy to curly-haired gals who want to make your hair’s natural texture last all day, this Curl Wow Shook Mix + Fix Bundling Spray offers a unique mix-to-activate formula that contains one part natural hydrating oils and one part curl bonding polymers to create bouncy, defined “naked curl” results when sprayed.

The weightless polymers bundle curls without crunch, weight or stickiness for full, defined styles that won’t drop. And the natural hydrating oils keep frizz at bay.

Summer Fridays Rich Cushion Cream Ultra Plumping Moisturiser, $52

If you hadn’t already noticed — there’s a running theme in this spring faves round-up, and it’s all about hydration. That’s because winter is the fkn pits for your skin. So, if you’re in dire need of heading in the opposite direction of flakes and dryness, we recommend trying this new Summer Fridays Rich Cushion Cream Moisturiser.

Its formula glides on like silk and infuses your skin with moisture, antioxidants and a blend of chamomile and allantoin for that extra calming factor. You can chuck it on in the morning as a moisturising makeup primer and also use it at bedtime as the last step in your skincare routine for rich overnight hydration. Win-win.

ILIA In Frame Brow Gel Clear, $38

If you’re on the hunt to give your brows a full and lifted spruce, without having to drench your brows with a heavy-duty gel or soap that takes three business days to come out — this lightweight brow gel has got ya back, baby. Made with a long-lasting formula that’s clinically proven to hold brows in place for eight hours without flaking and going gooey by the end of the day, it’s best to get it in your cart ASAP before someone on TikTok reveals it to the masses.

Kosas Wet Stick Moisture Lip Shine, $38

Our one requirement in a lippie is that it shouldn’t have an awful thick texture that cracks after three minutes of being out the door. Thankfully, Kosas knows that and has just dropped a hot new spring prod called the Wet Stick Moisture Lip Shine.

While we haven’t had a chance to try it ourselves, we’ve been told it’s got a soft, balmy texture that gives your lips the same insanely hydrated feel as a lip balm — all while giving you a pretty, sheeny finish. It’s also got a 12-shade range of colourways, so consider this prime time to stock up on your faves before everyone else gets wind of it, bb.

Tatcha Indigo Cleansing Balm, $61

Put down the harsh cleansers and makeup wipes because if your skin is still weathering any dryness and flakes from winter, it’s a bad idea to strip it any further.

Instead, try giving it back some TLC with Tatcha’s new petal-soft cleansing balm. Featuring Japanese indigo, Japanese lotus extract, and Hadasei-3, this baby melts away makeup, dirt, and oil in an instant, and leaves your skin feels silky smooth from fruition to finish.

Too Faced Cosmic Crush Out Of This World Eye Shadow Palette, $83

Whether you’re a die-hard smoky eye fan or more of a pop of colour gal, Too Faced’s new Cosmic Crush Palette caters for all. With warm browns, blacks and taupe tones, alongside a bunch of pinks, peaches and glitter golds — this kit will have ya creating killer shadow looks that’ll match literally anything you wear. In typical tried-and-tested Too Faced fashion, each pot colour is also super pigmented, creamy and easily blendable.

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