Syd Mum ‘Petrified’ After Finding Out What’s Gonna Crawl Out Of The 6 Sacks Growing On Her Tree

A Sydney woman has gone viral after sharing what seems to be little alien sacks growing on her palm tree. But after learning about what these things hold inside, I almost f*cking fainted.

According to Yahoo News Australia, Ashlee posted the alien-like sacks onto her local community Facebook page as she’d “never seen anything like it.”

After asking the social media platform what the sacks could potentially be, users discussed and revealed that these little beige pods belonged to the Magnificent Spider, AKA Ordgarius magnificus. As per the Australian Museum, Magnificent Spider egg sacks could be filled with about 600 eggs. That’s a whole bunch of creepy crawlies.

(Image Source: Facebook)

“The palm branch is up high and poolside on my path to the clothesline,” the mother-of-two told the publication.

“I just happened to look up this time.”

The mother continued by stating she was “petrified” of spiders and that she was considering tearing down the plant with the sacks.

“I honestly want to tear down the branch as I have two young girls under two, but that means getting near it.”

On the viral post, folks pleaded for Ashlee not to hurt the little bébé spideys.

“Beautiful…bring them to mine! Don’t kill them,” one user wrote.

Another person suggested relocating the palm leaf away from the mother’s home so the sacks could hatch safely.

The Australian Museum notes that the Magnificent Spider is not dangerous to humans and that they’re most active at night, spinning webs to capture moths for food.

(Image source: Australian Museum)

Sadly, the website also states that the mother spider usually dies off in the winter, so these little sacks probably already lost their mum.

Honestly, spiders don’t scare me at all. Especially with the cute spiders on TikTok, but the sensation of spiders crawling on the skin is what irks me. Also, the discovery of cave spiders is truly something I wish I could unlearn.

But in this case, hopefully, the Sutherland Shire mother was able to find a new home for these little babies.