Spanish Police Have Arrested A Man Who Allegedly Groped A Journalist On Live Television

CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses alleged sexual assault.

Spanish police have confirmed they’ve arrested a man who allegedly groped a journalist while she was reporting live on air.

Journalist Isa Balado was reporting on an alleged robbery for the En Boca De Todos program on Spain’s Cuatro channel when she was allegedly sexually assaulted on live television.

In the segment, a man wearing sunglasses can be seen walking up to Balado, where he allegedly groped her from behind. Although she was visibly shaken by the interaction, Balado continued reporting. However, Nacho Abad, a journalist reporting from within the studio who was horrified by the action, insisted she confront the man as the camera was rolling.

According to a translation from Metro UK, Balado asked the man: “As much as you want to know which TV station we are, do you really have to grope me? I’m on a live show and I’m working.”

The man reportedly denied touching her before attempting to touch her hair and walking away.

Later in the program, Abad revealed the station had called the authorities in regards to the interaction between Balado and the unknown man.

After Abed’s announcement, Spanish police shared a post to X, formerly known as Twitter, revealing they’ve made an arrest.

“Arrested for sexually assaulting a reporter while she was doing live television #Madrid,” the translated X post reads.

The incident comes right after the world’s outrage following former Spanish soccer boss Luis Rubiales and his forced kiss on Jennifer JenniHermoso at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

In August, Hermoso approached Rubiales after receiving a medal for her historic win against England in the Women’s World Cup final. This is where Rubiales grabbed and gave her an unsolicited kiss.

The Spanish soccer boss immediately received backlash for the f*cked kiss, however, he slammed the criticism as “idiocy” and said his kiss was out of joy rather than malice.

After Rubiales said he wouldn’t be resigning from his position, Hermoso released a statement revealing that the kiss was not consensual.

FIFA ended up suspending the Spanish soccer boss for 90 days, prohibiting him from football activity.

Rubiales officially resigned from his post earlier this week after Hermoso formally accused the Spanish soccer boss of sexual assault.