Love Is Blind’s Natalie & Deepti Reveal Eye-Popping Paychecks

Love Is Blind stars are opening their eyes to some massive paydays.

Season two alums Deepti Vempati and Natalie Lee revealed that they’ve each made $500,000 as influencers since appearing on the Netflix dating show, which saw them both walk away single and empowered. 

Before Love Is Blind, Natalie’s yearly salary as a tech consultant was $230,000, she told Fortune in an interview published Sept. 21. While she initially remained at Ernst & Young’s Chicago office after filming the show, she recently decided to resign and become a full-time influencer. 

The 31-year-old spilled, “I am making as a content creator three times my corporate salary,” which would be $690,000.

“When I was done filming Love Is Blind, the thought of even becoming a content creator, it just never occurred to me because we are such normal people,” Natalie said. “But then when we saw the money that we could make from sponsorships, that’s when I started to think I could really go far with this.”