Julie Chen Moonves Says 2 Former Talk Cohosts Had Her Exit Show

Julie said it was a decision that led to her and the King of Queens alum to not speak for eight years.

“I even ran into her and she tried to apologize and I was so foolish and hard-hearted and stubborn,” Julie continued. “And it took my personal relationship with God, knowing God and knowing the power of forgiveness, that I reached out to her.”

As the Early Show alum explained, she was able to break the ice with Leah after a friendly run-in with Leah’s husband Angelo Pagan. And their road has been smooth sailing ever since.

“Now, we laugh, we’re closer than ever,” Julie added. “But it was eight years of my foolishness that were wasted.”

E! News has reached out to The Talk and Leah’s reps for comment and has not heard back.