I Tried Working Out In A Bodysuit & It’s Not The Crotch Monster I Thought It’d Be

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Unitards, bodysuits, onesies, crotch monsters — whatever you’d like to call them — are slowly taking over the activewear space. It feels like almost every athleisure brand under the sun has come out with a bunch of modern cuts and colourways in the comfy-as-hell-looking one pieces.

But what are they actually like to work out in? Would my boobies pop out? Would I be walking around with a camel toe? Curious, I agreed to try one in the name of ~content~.

I should preface this mini-review by saying that I typically work out in tights or shorts and a sports bra. I’m reviewing this as a 5’2 girlie who is a size 6 to 8 and have B to C cup tits. My workout routine consists mostly of pilates (reformer and mat), yoga, walking a very cute cocker spaniel and the occasional weights session with my boyfriend. The lovely folks over at Estroni gifted me the Tank Bodysuit in chocolate brown for this review, (with zero expectations btw) and I’m choosing to write about it bc y’all should be aware of the COMFORT levels I am now living in.

The bodysuit is marketed towards both pregnant and non-pregnant folks, I am in the latter category. But I can see how if you were sporting a bump, you’d bloody froth how comfortable this bad boi is.

Let’s get into it.

First impressions

The minute I got my mitts on the body suit, I noticed how buttery-soft the fabric was, and I was surprised by how much I loved the colour. I’m usually a black tights/shorts-only kinda girlie, but the choccie brown was a nice change.


As far as functionality goes, the bodysuit was perfect for low-impact workouts — think pilates and yoga. I felt secure and held in for all styles of exercise and I particularly loved that when I was doing exercises where my shorts would usually ride up or the waistband would drop a little, everything stayed in place. I think if I had bigger boobs and was doing higher-impact workouts, it probably wouldn’t be my first choice, but other than that, I can’t fault it for low-impact workouts/brunch dates/WFH.

LOL me texting my boyfriend to tell him I have no butt and we gots to work on the booty gains.

Fit / Style

I was a little worried about how it would fit, considering it fits baby-bumps, but it fits my bump-less bod like a glove. Despite having a good amount of stretch, I still felt held in, in all the right places and it semi-sculpted my body like good shapewear, only minus the tight-can’t-breathe feeling. I ended up getting an XS (they carry sizes XXS-XL) after it was recommended by the Estroni team, and I’m glad I did because ya girl is short.

I think the part I love most about the bodysuit is the versatility. On a hot day, I can wear it without anything else. I simply pair it with some cute socks and my Nikes. Then, on the more spring days or chillier mornings, I can layer it with a cropped shirt or jumper.

The only downside — like all jumpsuits / one pieces — is trying to pee when you’ve got layers on. Sitting there nakie on a toilet will never not feel weird.

Also, just to show the bodysuit on a different body shape, I found this pic of the gorgeous @livrah on Estroni’s Instagram.

Doesn’t she look STUNNING?!

Would I recommend to a friend?

Absolutely, they’re so freaking comfortable. If you were going on a run it wouldn’t be the best choice, but for workouts like yoga and pilates, or hot girl walks, I swear you won’t find a more comfortable ‘fit. That said, not all bodysuits are created equally, so it’s probably worth trying one on before you fork out ya hard-earned cash.

Keen to try one? You can buy the Estroni one I’m wearing here or you can shop our full roundup of bodysuits right here.

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Image Credit: Bree Grant / Estroni and Livrah Instagram