Flex Mami Gave Us Her Tips For Getting The Perfect Night Of Sleep & My Routine Is Changing ASAP

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Sleep. It’s supposed to come naturally! It’s supposed to be easy. We’re supposed to wake up refreshed. But alas, in this modern life filled with stress and blue light, getting a quality night of shut-eye is way easier said than done.

Much like most social media-addicted Gen Z’ers, I, too, have a pretty iffy relationship with sleep. Between working full-time, pursuing personal projects, having a social life, exercising, and self-care, I would love to finally land a proper sleep routine that helps me tackle my days. So I thought, who better to ask for advice than the Queen of Getting Stuff Done herself, Flex Mami?

We got her to ‘fess up on her non-negotiables when it comes to getting a fab night’s sleep.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: What are your must-follow rules for getting a good night’s sleep?

Flex Mami: Using satin pillowcases, sleep spray, bingeing at least two hours of online content and, at a minimum, one hour of maladaptive daydreaming.

What does a good night of sleep look & feel like as opposed to a bad one?

A GOOD SLEEP IS ALWAYS A LONG SLEEP, COMPLETE WITH RISING WITH A LITTLE DROOL AND EYE CRUSTIES. Extra points if you wake from a dream that is hell-bent on escaping you the more you try and cling to it. It definitely involves stomach sleeping (I don’t care what chiropractors say about it being the worst sleeping position), and it has to be an eight-hour minimum session! If you have to do the math of how much sleep you’re about to get — that’s bad sleep. If you can’t figure out the right blanket configuration for an optimum temperature — that’s bad sleep. If you’re lying next to someone that snores, say it with me: THAT’S A BAD SLEEP!!!

Give us a rundown of your ideal nightly wind-down routine.

Ideally, I’d be gearing up for a ten-hour session, which involves putting PJs on and doing my skincare routine by 8 pm at the latest. Then four hours before snoozing, I do intervals of reading, Nintendo Switch, FaceTiming my besties, tarot and TikTok. Next, I want a bottle of sleep drops by my table, a gentle diffuser pumping ylang-ylang and jasmine into the air and freshly washed sheets.

Give us a rundown of what your bed situation looks like —  what bedding are you using? How many pillows do you have? Are you using a weighted blanket?

I’m on the linen sheet and silk pillow combo, like all the baddies are. One pillow is for sleeping the others are for optics. I have a Super King, but I sleep on the left side of the bed, basically clutching the sides. I also have an all-season doona and a waffle blanket for extra warmth (and for a varied textural moment). Heater on. Window open. It’s not great for the electricity bill, but alas, life is what you make it.

How do you keep your energy up on busy days after a bad night’s sleep?

Thankfully I’m built different with extra energy reserves for this moment. I’m not on the beans, and I find it easy to synthesise energy IF IT’S REQUIRED!!! I have to clock on to the part of my brain that thinks life is Performance Art, and then from there, I’m usually able to function fine. I’d probably have to go to sleep earlier than anticipated that night to make the method acting worth it.

What changes do you notice in your body and mind after consecutive nights of good sleep?

SO! MUCH! MORE! ENTHUSIASTIC! AND! AGREEABLE! SO! MUCH! LESS! IRRITABLE!!!!! You also can’t fake the effects of a good night’s sleep. You have to know it to appreciate it!

Do you have any wind-down playlists, comfort shows or podcasts you like to consume before bed?


Tell us: are you a side, back or front sleeper?

Side by nature and nurture. It’s the only thing that truly makes sense to my brain. Though I did teach myself how to back sleep during COVID just so I knew I could. It’s my party trick!!

Image credit: @FlexMami / The Simpsons