Fk Yeah: Wendy’s Is Opening 200 Stores Across Australia & I’m Ready To Chow Down On Baconators

Another US fast food giant is making its way Down Under. However, its name might ring a nostalgic bell.

Lately, many fast food restaurants from ‘Murica have made their way to Australia. From Carl’s Jr. to Taco Bell (which was arguably around in the 90s — allegedly), we’ve kinda been blessed with the taste of the eagle-screeching country.

Well, fast foodies better rejoice ‘cos Wendy’s is expected to open around 200 stores across ‘Straya after it signed a deal with Pizza Hut operator Flynn Restaurant Group, per

In case you’ve never been to a Wendy’s, the fast food restaurant is known for its delish burgers. A personal fave of mine is the Baconator, paired with their strawberry lemonade. Delectable, juicy and hits all the right spots (I promise this is not sponcon. I’m just really passionate about Wendy’s burgs).

Wendy’s is also known for its memeable online presence.

As per, Wendy’s international president Abigal Pringle said the company was ready to sign a deal after its successful pop-up Wendy’s in Sydney, which happened in 2021.

“Flynn Restaurant Group has incredible experience in the restaurant space, and we are thrilled to expand our relationship with them,” she said, per the publication.

“They have a strong leadership team, great culture, vast industry knowledge, success with our brand in the US.

“We are confident that Flynn Restaurant Group is the right partner to unlock growth for Wendy’s in Australia.”

Although this is really exciting, you might’ve noticed that we already have a Wendy’s, AKA Wendy’s Milkbar.

When asked about the arrival of the US fast food restaurant, Dean Tully, the owner of Wendy’s Milk Bar Whyalla, told The Guardian, “There can’t be two Wendy’s.”

“They can come to Australia and strut their stuff by all means but I wouldn’t want it to be under the Wendy’s banner,” Tully said.

“We don’t have two Hungry Jack’s. We don’t have two McDonald’s. We are Wendy’s.”

Seems like it’s gonna be a bumpy road for this sanga shop to officially open Down Under.

According to, Pringle mentioned that Wendy’s arrival should start around 2025. They hope to have 200 stores nationwide by 2034.

Despite the drama, I’m still keen on sinking my teeth into a juicy AF Baconator followed by Wendy’s Milk Bar rainbow-flavoured cone.

But in all honesty, if we’re bringing fast food to Australia, can we put Jollibee on the priority list? Thanks.

Image Source: Getty Images / Bloomberg