Dyson’s Famous Sucky Bois, Airwraps & Purifiers Are On Sale RN If Ya Wanna Drop Some Dosh

Contributor: Bree Grant

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Look friends, we didn’t want to be the one to tell ya, but give up the Kmart vacuum. Yes, yes, we know it cost you only *checks notes* $100 but you are an adult now. You can do better than a Kmart stick vacuum (and your ex). Now we know that we wax lyrical about Dyson stick vacuums all the time, but guys, once you’ve used a Dyson, you never go back.

Dyson, A.K.A. the geniuses behind the cult-famous sucky bois, are currently not only slashing up to $550 off a bunch of stick vacuums, but its slashing a cheeky $250 off its best-selling hot tools too, which means that you might be able to afford to replace that aforementioned sucker — or finally get ya grubby mitts on an Airwrap.

Just keep your eyes on the clock because the Dyson sale is only running for a short time, so ya gots to be quick.

Keep reading to shop those hefty discounts on Dyson fans, vacuums, hair styling tools and more.

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There’s a reason people rave about how their lives were changed after copping a Dyson. It is semi-cult-ish, but we get it. If you’ve never had the cash to invest in a Dyson, now’s the time to take the plunge. You can shop the Dyson Spring sales on stick vacuums, hair dryers and more here.