Drew Barrymore Finally Gives Up Trying To Convince Us Filming During A Strike Is A Good Idea

Drew Barrymore has *finally* listened to the masses and paused production on her talk show after she was (rightfully) slammed for going ahead with it amid the WGA strike.

In a short Instagram post uploaded early this morning (Sunday US time), Barrymore apologised for disrespecting her writers and confirmed the show’s premiere would be delayed until after the strike was over.

“I have listened to everyone, and I am making the decision to pause the show’s premiere until the strike is over,” she wrote.

“I have no words to express my deepest apologies to anyone I have hurt and, of course, to our incredible team who works on the show and has made it what it is today. We really tried to find our way forward. And I truly hope for a resolution for the entire industry very soon.”

While some applauded Barrymore in the comments for finally seeing sense and doing the right thing, others were less eager to praise her — probably because this decision came after two other far more problematic Instagram posts by the Charlie’s Angels star. One of which “gaslit” striking writers, with the other then doubling down on her stance. It’s been messy.

ICYMI, Drew Barrymore first announced she would be continuing to film her daytime talk show without its unionised writers last week in a since-deleted Instagram post, which she justified by claiming the show “was built for sensitive times”. She also claimed her decision was “in compliance with not discussing or promoting film and television”, which the WGA immediately refuted.

Basically, this meant Barrymore crossed the picket line of her own striking writers to film her show. Yikes.

Understandably, people were disappointed in the 50 First Dates star since she herself has been open about the exploitation she experienced working in Hollywood.

Some people even accused her of “gaslighting” strikers after she insisted her decision to cross the picket line was made with everyone’s benefit in mind, when it obviously wasn’t and directly undermined the efforts of the WGA.

The US’ National Book Awards even dropped her as a host following her decision, in solidarity with the strike.

Barrymore then uploaded another since-deleted IG post, this time a video non-apology which doubled down on her decision.

The whole thing has led to a fall from grace for the star, who was once the internet’s innocent darling, and so it’s no surprise she’s finally ceased filming the show. I just wish it was out of respect for the strike, and not to save her own reputation — which it might have been, but given her previous statements, I can’t help but feel sceptical.

Image: Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris