Daniel Sloss Was The Only Comedian To Talk Openly About Russell Brand Allegations In Exposé

CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses rape.

On Sunday morning Australian time, an exposé about the alleged sexual misconduct of Russell Brand aired on Channel 4 Dispatches. Daniel Sloss was the only comedian to come forward and speak out against Brand in the documentary.

The documentary is part of a wider joint investigation by the Sunday Times, the Times and of course, Channel 4 Dispatches. As part of the investigation, four seperate women have accused Russell Brand of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse. You can read more about it in our summary here.

Speaking to Channel 4, Sloss claimed that women on the comedy circuit would warn each other about Russell Brand and that his bad behaviour was openly discussed.

“I know for many years women have been warning each other about Russell,” Sloss said on Dispatches.

Daniel Sloss also claimed that there were “many stories with varying degrees of severity” about Russell Brand that he’d heard, and that female comedians mentioned Brand in WhatsApp groups intended to warn each other of comedians to avoid.

“He was a big name, big big household name. If you were a comedian and got to gig with him, you’d be gigging with a celebrity,” Sloss said.

“I’m stood in bars with agents, promoters, channel commissioners and I’m hearing these allegations and rumours with Russell in the same room, and later on he would be on a movie, on a television show, he would be hosting something. He was still being employed.”

Sloss believes that people higher up could’ve done more to confront Brand. He also alleges that comedians who used Russell Brand’s predatory behaviour in their material, were asked to stop.

“I know there are comedians who did references in jokes to Russell’s alleged crimes and have either been asked or told not to do those jokes anymore.”

Since the release of the Channel 4 documentary, a video from Daniel Sloss’ comedy special ‘X’ has gone viral again for the way it asks men to do better when it comes to sexual violence against women.

“The only thing I can think of is that it has to involve us. And by us, I mean men,” Sloss said in his comedy special.

“I knew this man for eight years, and he f*cking did it. There are monsters amongst us, and they look like us. If you are sick of the narrative that’s currently going on about men feel free to change it, but you have to get involved.”