Beloved Sydney Activist & Icon Danny Lim Has Been Hospitalised After An Alleged Assault

Sydney icon and beloved activist Danny Lim has reportedly been hospitalised after an alleged assault on Friday afternoon.

According to 9News, the 79-year-old, who’s known for his polarising sandwich boards with random graphics, was allegedly assaulted at Strathfield just after 4.00pm on Friday.

As reported by the publication, police were called to Strathfield Station due to an alleged incident between Danny and a 66-year-old man.

Danny was treated at the scene before he was taken to Concord Hospital with facial injuries.

Prior to the alleged incident, Danny was reportedly campaigning for the “yes vote” ahead of the October Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum at different train stations, however, it is not confirmed if this is what provoked the alleged attack.

(Image source: 9News)

In April, Danny was rushed to hospital after an alleged altercation with a security guard at Barangaroo, which reportedly left the activist with a brain injury that temporarily left him unable to speak properly.

More details to come.

Image source: Getty Images / Don Arnold