BEHOLD: Tenants Can Now Put Shitty Rentals and Real Estate Agencies On Blast Via This New Site

Jordie van den Berg (famously known as Purple Pingers) Lauren Michaelides and shit-post X (formerly Twitter) account Toilet Paper Australia have joined forces to create the best website ever, and TBH, I reckon they deserve a Nobel Peace Price for this masterpiece.

In the late nights of an ungodly humid evening — well, at least in west Sydney, cos it feels like Satan’s ass crack is sat on Earth — the lord of calling out shitty rentals, Purple Pingers, announced the launch of a website that allows tenants and future renters to suss out properties and/or real estate agencies., named after his infamous TikTok series, Shit Rentals.

“So today, with the help of the amazing Lauren Michaelides @laurenlmich (who built this thing from scratch) and @toiletpaperaus1, I’m launching,” Mr Pingers wrote on X.

“It’s super clunky atm but that’s because websites are expensive, and I want everything to be free for everyone and forever (people who try and profit from renters make me sick).”

In the lengthy Xer post, Pingers explained that it’s a website created for people to chuck in candid reviews of rentals whether you’re a current tenant, a previous tenant or someone who only just inspected a property.

“No matter whether your rental is shit or decent, I want people to stop having to be their own rental cops and to be able to hear from other renters what the property is like before they move there,” he continued.

“How it works is that currently, people submit their reviews, and then I’ll manually review each one and upload them to the register each night. I’m super keen to hear all your thoughts and what can be improved, keeping in mind this is version one, and I have lots of grand ideas for this bad boi.”

Alongside the exciting post, Mr Pingers added a new episode of his infamous TikTok series, which features a cheeky walkthrough of the genius website.

“These bastards have so much information on you as a renter but you know nothing about them or the property, so it’s time to turn those little tables,” he added.

Turn. Those. Motherf*cking. Tables. I love to see it!!!

At the time of writing, there are 38 entries in the ShitRentals Agency Database and 95 entries in the Property Database — all packed with horrific stories.

If you’re interested in putting a poo-poo property or Caca real estate agency on blast, you can spill all the tea right here.

It’ll be interesting to see how real estate agencies react to this forum and its genius spreadsheets. Maybe it’ll finally trigger a change in the way tenants are treated and how properties are managed.