Aussie Meme Connoisseur Miss Double Bay Has Gone Gangbusters For Her Comprehensive Ick List

Queen of Aussie niche memes and relatable content, Claudia Bursill — famously known as Miss Double Bay— has gone viral for her golden ick list, and please… is this list about me? I am howling.

Bursill is known for her hilarious content that closely reflects Aussie pop culture and iconic celeb moments via her IG account, Miss Double Bay.

If I could paint a picture of her IG account, which has more than 56.7K followers, it would be an Aussie millennial (or Zilleninal) woman wearing crusty Uggs and an Anko Kmart bathrobe who’s balls deep in reality TV addiction and has a deep history with Dolly magazine’s sealed section and running an aesthetically pleasing Tumblr blog.

The beloved Instagram account is currently making waves after she posted a lengthy, but relatable, ick list.

In case you’re unsure about what “ick” means, according to Macquarie Dictionary, it is “a sudden, strong aversion to one’s partner or whom one had previously considered attractive and charming.”

Miss Double Bay began her extensive ick list — which she notes, “only applies to men” — with “taste testing ice cream with a baby spoon”, “drinking from a bubbler” and “getting off a chairlift”.

Other ones that caught my eye and gave me a good cackle were “the name Alan”, “uses emojis during a fight,” and “drinks milk”.

The IG meme icon wrote in the caption: “Have I missed anything?”

And, just like the story of Noah’s Ark, in came a FLOOD of girlies with their icks which were quite hilarious.

“The white stuff on the sides of their mouth when they’ve talked too much,” one user wrote.

“When they get into a pool with board shorts and they fill up with water,” a second person commented.

“A velcro wallet,” wrote a third.

Ugh, these are just too good!

The IG post was so viral that Miss Double Bay ended up on the Today Show to discuss the beautifully curated list.

“Look, it just wasn’t me [who created the list], full credit to the girls on this one. I did a bit of a PSA on my Instagram, asking everyone what their universal icks are and that’s what they came up with,” Bursill said.

She also added that men who are 6ft or taller could probably get away with most of the icks on the list.

“The list just goes on and on and on. It’s tough times out there for men,” she continued.

Despite the list only being applicable to men, I think I do more than half of these “icks” on the list. Whoopsies.

At the end of the day, I hope no man takes this list seriously. It’s all just fun and silly games.

But if your favourite podcaster is Joe Rogan or your favourite artist is John Mayer, best to keep that to yourself.