ATTN Ruel Stans: You Can Unlock An Exclusive Track If You Donate To Lifeline This Week

CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses Suicide.

No one does uplifting indie-pop quite like our very own Ruel. So it makes sense that he’s teamed up with Lifeline to drop a brand-spanking new song called ‘The Weight’ to raise awareness for World Suicide Prevention Day.

The song explores why it’s so dang important to reach out to loved ones in need and will be exclusively available to listen through Lifeline’s ‘The Release Line’. All you have to do to hear the track is dial 1300 004 002, donate to Lifeline, and soon enough, you’ll be soothed by Ruel’s signature dreamy vocals and beautiful lyricism.

Lifeline is hoping to raise $1 million through the initiative so it can continue to provide essential phone and digital crisis support services to Aussies in need. This means the more you listen to the song, the more Aussies receive life-saving help, which is a pretty incredible trade-off, in our opinion.

“Mental health is an important conversation. It’s great to see Australians are continuing to be so open. I want to do anything I can to encourage an open dialogue and especially let people know they don’t have to carry emotional burdens alone,” said Ruel. 

Ruel and Lifeline’s link-up also marks 60 years of the charity supporting Aussies in need and squashing stigmas around mental health.

So, if you’re passionate about supporting a more accepting and brighter future for all, and hearing new Ruel music, dial The Release Line ASAP, besties.

If you, or someone you know, are feeling overwhelmed, we encourage you to connect with Lifeline in the way you feel most comfortable.

You can phone Lifeline to speak to a Crisis Supporter on 13 11 14 (24/7), text 0477 131 114 (24/7) or chat to Lifeline online at (24/7). 

Image Credit: Instagram / @Ruel