An Investigation Is Under Way After Dozens Of Wedding Guests Got A Violent Case Gastro

The Victoria Department of Health has launched an investigation after dozens of guests caught what appears to be a very nasty bout of gastro after attending a wedding in Melbourne.

At least 30 people became ill after attending the wedding at The Park on Saturday, according to the Department of Health, including two people who spent Monday night in hospital with gastro-like symptoms.

Though, according to The Age‘s anonymous sources who reportedly attended the wedding, as many as 70 people may have become ill from the 300-person event.

A source told The Age that guests were served chicken or pork at the wedding, and reported symptoms including diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, sweating and even delirium. All I can think about is that one f*cked scene from Triangle of Sadness. If you know, you know.

The masthead reported that the poor newlyweds at the centre of this debacle are considering taking legal action.

The Victorian Department of Health has since caught wind of the outbreak and is investigating it, though as of Tuesday it had not determined a cause.

“The department is aware of a gastroenteritis outbreak involving guests who attended an Albert Park reception centre on Saturday,” a spokesperson said.

“We’re working with Port Phillip Council to investigate the source of the outbreak and to ensure all appropriate infection prevention and control measures are in place.”

The Park also released a statement, in which it said it was co-operating with inquiries.

“We are currently investigating a reported outbreak of illness following an event at The Park on Saturday,” venue manager Bahaa Harb said, per The Age.

“We are working closely with event guests and with council to determine the cause of the outbreak.”

Something certainly stinks here, I reckon. But hey, at least this definitely will be an unforgettable wedding for the bride, groom and all guests in attendance, right?