All You Can Eat Australia: Best Buffet Restaurants In Sydney, Perth & Beyond

There is nothing better than solid gold buffet restaurants. All you can eat is a lifestyle and it’s one I firmly live by – I cling to my right to eat a serving bowl filled with prawns, twice over. Not a $10 Jatz biscuit at some wanky cafe.

I love buffet restaurants so much, I have an entire group chat dedicated to buffet talk. We discuss the best buffet restaurants, and also make plans to visit them.

All You Can Eat Australia: Buffet Restaurants in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne - chat

Naturally, everyone in Buffet Club is an expert on all you can eat buffet restaurants. So I gathered the intel that had been dropped by my buffet pals and have written it up into a delightful article for you all about the best food, because maybe you also are a bit of a buffet fan. Or a fan of saving money by taking the all you can eat option. I mean if you’re not IDK why you’re reading this, so.

The Best Buffet Restaurants In Australia (According To My Buffet Group Chat)

1. Epicurean, Perth

All You Can Eat Australia: best Buffet Restaurants in Perth - epicurean
Credit: Instagram / @crownperth

Both Crown Towers and Crown Perth have epic buffet restaurants – The Atrium at Crown Perth comes highly recommended by Buffet Club member Alisha, but then I came across The Epicurean, Crown Towers’ buffet and oh man. The baskets of seafood above? Just the tip of the iceberg – they have a chocolate fountain made of a billion little jugs so the choccy flows down all dramatically. This is what I crave from an all you can eat buffet, you guys.

2. Harvest, Gold Coast

Formerly Jupiter’s Casino, The Star comes recommended by my Buffet Club friend Aimee. And scrolling through their Instagram, it’s easy to see why – chocolate covered doughnuts? Yes the f*ck please.

3. Govinda’s, Sydney

All You Can Eat Australia: best Buffet Restaurants in sydney - govindas
Credit: Facebook / Govindas

Things I did not know – Govindas has an amazing plant-based Indian buffet that’s got a huge fan base. So there you go – hit up a film and also fill your stomach with all you can eat curry and pakoras.

4. Conservatory, Melbourne

All You Can Eat Australia: best Buffet Restaurants in melbourne - conservatory
Credit: Instagram / @crownmelbourne

Recommended by my colleague Lucinda, yep it’s another Crown. What can I say? They just do buffets really well. Crown Melbourne goes one further – they have an afternoon tea dessert buffet in Conservatory this month. All you can eat raspberry mille feuille? YES THANKS.

5. Harvest, Sydney

Harvest Buffet is INTENSE. Think every cuisine you could imagine, plus seafood. My Buffet Club went a month ago, took “all you can eat” quite literally, and we all almost exploded. They have themed offerings too, like the French cuisine above. When we went? Mexican, but not basic-style – think authentic dishes as well as fusion stuff.

6. Eastern Tiger Restaurant, Newcastle

Apparently according to my Newy-born-and-bred boss Josie, this used to be called Silver Dolphin, and was “f*cking delicious”. Now, it’s Eastern Tiger, but still retains a strong 4.3 star rating on Google, so I assume the all you can eat Chinese buffet dinner is just as great.

7. Melba, Melbourne

This is an inclusion based purely off people from Melbourne yelling “OH MY GOD, MELBA” at me. Judging by that cured meats selection above, it’s the tits. Melba is inside The Langham, and apparently Melbournites fight over whether this or Conservatory are the best buffet in town.

8. Katherine Country Club, Katherine

I’m giving these guys an inclusion because a) I’ve been, and b) their salad buffet was ALL TIME. Basically, you buy a meal and you get the salad bar included, much like Sizzler. Except the salad bar offerings were way fresher and more delicious than Sizzler – huge vibe, if you’re ever up in Katherine to go to the waterfalls and so on, give it a go.

9. SkyFeast Sydney Tower, Sydney

All You Can Eat Australia: best Buffet Restaurants in sydney - skyfeast sydney cbd
Credit: Instagram / @skyfeastsydneytower

89 floors up in Sydney’s CBD is SkyFeast, which provides both an all you can eat buffet and a 360-degree revolving view. Now that’s service.

Image Credit: Crown Melbourne.