All The Wild Shit That Went Down At The VMAs Afterparty, From Celeb Drama To Non-Stop Twerking

We all know that the MTV VMAs are an exciting event for the music industry and the fans. But if I’m being completely honest, it’s the afterparty that I’m interested in. That’s where the real shit goes down. It’s when the celebs let their hair down, boogie on the dance floor, and reconnect with friends and foes.

That’s the tea. That’s my vibe. So, please join me as we explore everything that went down at the many exclusive afterparties for the VMAs 2023.

Cardi B hosted an afterparty for her Atlantic Records label at a club called Somewhere Nowhere. She rocked up at 2am, because a queen is never late, everyone else is simply early. She then twirked the night away as she should.

“She got on top of the bar for nearly an hour to bootie dance for the VIP crowd,” an insider told Page Six, adding that she poured shots into people’s mouths.

She’s the life of the party, and I’m going to use Cardi B as my inspiration to be twerking on a platform with a bottle of booze in hand at my friend’s wedding in two weeks’ time.

After NSYNC’s fun little reunion on stage, the former heartthrobs had a lovely dinner at Ambra. They reportedly left the VMAs early so they could enjoy some time together. How sweet is that?

Later, Justin Timberlake must have headed to an afterparty because he linked up with Megan Thee Stallion. In case you missed it, a brisk interaction between Justin, Megan and NSYNC’s Joey Fatone caused the internet to go absolutely bonkers. Megan was getting some touch-ups by her glam team when NSYNC walked past. Words were exchanged between Megan, Justin and Joey and honestly without any audio, it looked like Megan was verbally tearing them a new asshole.

It wasn’t long before insider sources said nothing actually happened, so to put the rumour to bed once and for all, Megan and Justin filmed a cute lil’ video together.

She captioned the vid: “I just talk with my hands lol. See ya next time Justin Timberlake.”

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez threw her own little shindig in a hotel. She invited a bunch of her pals, including Miss Taylor Swift, Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz.

Speaking of Taylor, her afterparty outfit caused a little bit of commotion. She rocked up wearing a cute denim number that fans quickly noticed was straight out of Sabrina Carpenter‘s closet.

This is tea because of the rumoured beef between Taylor and Olivia Rodrigo. You see, Olivia used to be a huge Taylor fan and the pair had a public mentor-mentee kind of relationship. Then, they had a bit of legal drama when fans thought that Olivia’s track “Deja Vu” sounded a lot like Taylor’s “Cruel Summer”.

In the end, Olivia forked out a heap of royalties and added Taylor to the writing credits of the song. Ever since they’ve been less public with their relationship and fans suspected that there was a bit of beef between them. Recently, Olivia released a song called “Vampire” which fans immediately assumed was about Taylor.

She’s denied those claims, but ever since, there seems to be little digs on both sides. Like how Taylor chose Sabrina Carpenter, someone who is rumoured to be the “blonde girl” referred to in her track “Drivers License” after there was a love triangle between Sabrina, Olivia and their Disney co-star Joshua Bassett.

It’s a complicated web, isn’t it?

But Taylor is known for being an intentional queen. So when she rocked up wearing Sabrina’s dress at the afterparty people saw it as yet another sign that they’re beefing. Oh, and how Taylor only rocked up to the VMAs minutes after Olivia’s performance.

At the very same hotel, Page Six reported that Diddy hosted a huge bash with over 400 guests including Lil Kim, Saweetie and Teyana Taylor.

Oh to be a celebrity on VMAs night. Must be nice, hey?

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