AFL Great Brian Taylor Revealed How TF The Infamous Fitzroy Garage Party Happened At His House

Another great mystery has been solved in the unusual case of the infamous Fitzroy Garage Party, and a bloody good solve it is.

In every game of Cluedo you must find three things: the culprit, the weapon, and the room. Seldom do people ask who owns said room. Well what if it wasn’t a room, but a garage? Now you’ve got my attention. 👀 👀 👀

At last we know who’s house the best sesh on all of TikTok occured in, and it’s none other than AFL legend, Brian Taylor.

For the uninitiated, last December TikTok was bombarded with a trend of videos documenting what became known globally as the “Fitzroy Garage Party” or “Fitzroy Garage Sesh” gaining millions of views. Honestly it’s more impressive if you didn’t hear about it.

But the story continues to this day with new delicious details on the party’s backstory.

In an interview on the Dyl & Friends Podcast, Taylor explained that it was his garage where the mythical party happened when his boys secretly invited 15 or so mates over for a gathering.

In a clip posted to the podcast’s TikTok page, Taylor divulged all the details we’ve been dying to know, saying, “we live in a sort of factory thing, and you know there’s fifteen guys, every one of them doing something different in this shot.”

“Apparently when whoever posted the video of that particular 30 second period of them gathered, it must have hit some sort of algorithm or something.”

What’s even funnier is that the cultural impact of the Fitzroy Garage Party lives on to this day. The party may die, but the legend never will.

Taylor explained that even now he will still occasionally find groups of people lined up outside the garage.

“Every day there are people lined up, many people out the front taking photos going ‘this is it, this is the sesh!’” Taylor said.

Taylor joyfully exclaimed that he has even school groups coming through to pay respects to his holy roller door.

Good to see the Fitzroy Garage Party has already been added to the history curriculum, as it deserves.

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