A TikTok Swiftie Shared A Bonkers Theory About Taylor Swift’s Rumoured BF & I’m On The Floor

Yes, I’m back on my Taylor Swift grind to bring you a fkn bonkers theory that’s been doing the rounds on TikTok about the singer’s rumoured romance with NFL star Travis Kelce.

For those who aren’t elbows deep in Swiftie lore, The Messenger alleged in early September that Taylor and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end have “been quietly hanging out”.

This lil’ tidbit came after Travis dished in July that he tried —and failed — to gift Taylor a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it when he attended a recent stop on her Eras tour. Mad respect for a man who a) goes to the Eras tour and b) rocks up with handmade bracelets like a true Swiftie.

Taylor was also recently spotted wearing an opal necklace. For those playing at home, the opal is October’s birthstone AND Travis’ birthday is October 5. So, naturally, this only spurred on romance rumours (although I choose to believe the opal is an ode to 1989 (Taylor’s Version), which will be released on October 27).

While I’d love for this all to be wrapped up neatly in a little bow and for the rumoured lovers to live happily ever after, fans can’t leave well enough alone, with one floating a wild — and, to be noted, baseless — theory on why Taylor is *allegedly* dating Travis.

Buckle in, folks.

TikTok user @stan.hathaway hypothesised that Pennsylvania-born Tay Tay, who is a Philadelphia Eagles fan, is entertaining a romance with the NFL star only to break his heart ahead of a possible Eagles vs. Chiefs 2024 Super Bowl.

“I see right through you @Taylor Swift,” the user — who is a writer and comedian, per her bio — wrote in the caption.

The plot for this theory, which sounds straight out of a revenge rom-com, is that Taylor will ghost Travis before the Super Bowl and then surprise him when she shows up as the halftime performer.

The user went on to theorise that Travis’ devastation over Taylor would lead to him fumbling the game, resulting in the Eagles winning.

“Taylor Swift appears on the Jumbotron. She says, “Checkmate, I couldn’t lose,’” the TikToker said. “The Lombardi trophy is presented. Jason Kelce, Travis’ brother, who plays for the Eagles, wins the MVP.

“In the postgame interview, they ask if he has anyone he wants to thank, he just looks into the camera and says, ‘It’s nice to have a friend’ — winks.”

Now, I’m as delusional as they come, but even this theory is pretty far-fetched for my liking.

I am, however, absolutely vibing the prospect of these two together, even more so that Jason Kelce seems to know something we don’t.

The Eagles centre was questioned after a recent game about his younger brother potentially dating Miss Swift.

“I’ve seen these rumours, I cannot comment,” Jason said and, my friends, we are onto something here.