A Clip Of Kendall Jenner Being Rude AF To A Worker Last Year Has Resurfaced & Girl, WTF Is This?

The KarJenner’s self-dubbed nerd and nepobaby Kendall Jenner is getting flammed on social media again after a video of her being rude to a worker resurfaced on Reddit. And in the name of Kim Kardashian, “it’s what she deserves”. Cue the evil grin.

In a now-viral Reddit post from the r/KUWTKsnark subreddit that showed Kendall’s “rude” run-in with a worker, netizens have ruthlessly dragged the reality TV star turned-model. One Redditor said they hoped the interaction was “a skit”.

In the video posted by /u/Realistic-Treacle-65, Kendall begins by smiling and snapping a few selfies in front of a crowd that is seemingly a group of fans and media. She then hands the phone back to a lady — who is reportedly a worker at the fashion show but it’s never confirmed — without acknowledging her, even though she tried to say thank you.

“She’s such a meanie,” the Redditor wrote.

She’s such a meanie B*tch
byu/Realistic-Treacle-65 inKUWTKsnark

According to the Daily Mail, the “meanie” clip came from a Victoria’s Secret Hulu doco, Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons, that aired last year.

As the resurfaced video made its rounds on the interwebs, many folks have put their two cents in about the cold, cold interaction.

“I wonder what is going through her head? what does she achieve in her mind by acting like this?” one person asked.

“Is this real? Looks like an SNL skit with how over-the-top rude she is,” a second Redditor added.

“How is she even a model? Gosh she’s unbearable just like the others,” wrote a third.

Although most of the Reddit peeps dragged Kendall for her attitude, others defended the Victoria’s Secret model.

“I honestly think from a psychological standpoint, that Kendall comes across as cold and [binchy] because she’s putting up a barrier,” one user wrote.

“In a way, you could look at any of [the Kardashians and Jenners] and really feel sympathy because their upbringing, while full of material privilege, hasn’t been easy emotionally speaking,” a second Redditor added.

“… I don’t think she’s being an ass here. Shes [sic] at work, getting ready for something and taking pictures with someone she doesn’t know,” wrote a third.

Look, for me personally, I expect nothing less from the KarJenners.

If I — and please, this is not a manifestation — ever have to work with any member of that family, I’d probably expect to be treated like absolute garbage.

I also find it so funny that Kendall, in particular, tries to market herself as the most relatable KarJenner.

Again, I expect nothing less; therefore, I am neither surprised are shocked at this footage.