A 2023 The Block Contestant Called A Radio Show To Talk Shit About Their Co-Stars & Oh The Drama

There’s a reason The Block has been going on for 19 whopping seasons. No, it’s not the incredible renovation before and after pics. It’s not the impeccable styling choices. And it’s not the challenges that inspire people at home to go to Kmart and drop a couple of hundo on a lamp, some cushions and a few candles just because styling queen Shaynna Blaze said it would ‘liven up the space’.

It’s the drama, my friends.

There’s nothing like the pressure of a renovation reality show to make every little thing feel absolutely ginormous. And when you’re competing against other couples with the clock ticking and the money decreasing every day, the tension gets a little bit unbearable.

This week, there’s been a whole lot of drama unfolding between two teams: married couple Kristy and Brett and sisters Eliza and Liberty.

Previously on Monday night’s episode, Kristy and Brett slammed Eliza and Liberty, claiming that the couple who had previously had no renovation experience were getting special treatment from Channel Nine. I’m sure that rumour kicked off after Eliza revealed that she worked as the personal assistant for Channel Nine talent Hamish Blake and Andy Lee for almost ten years.

Kristy and Brett often get called conspiracy theorists by their fellow teams. (Image Source: Channel Nine)

“Liberty and Eliza get gifted everything, every week. I don’t know how they’ve blown out their budget because they get given money every single day,’ Kristy said during the episode.

“They get everything handed to them on a silver platter, ‘You woke up this morning! Here’s $500.’ You know what? We’ll get a handout every f**king day of the week, then we’ll be sweet.’

A producer then stepped in, telling the couple that there was no favouritism between teams but the duo were not buying it.

“I don’t need reassurance. If this is how we feel then this is how we feel,” Brett replied.

Eliza and Liberty are not vibing, clearly (Image Source: Nine)

On Thursday, Eliza hit back at these claims by giving the Hit Breakfast with Maz & Matty radio show a buzz, saying that they never received special treatment from producers or staff on the show.

“This actually really annoyed us,” she said.

“We all had a level playing field when we started but I’m going to be honest with you, when you’re not treating people with respect, when trades don’t want to work with you, when you’re making crew cry, it really tends to flick people away.”

When the hosts Maz and Matty asked who was making the crew cry, Eliza revealed that it was Kristy and Brett.

“Kristy and Brett would make things really unpleasant for people. They would kick and scream and yell. It wasn’t a very nice environment to be in.

“[The special treatment allegations] really upset us, our integrity being questioned because we were just kind and respectful people. And if you want to call that a game plan that we were being ourselves and being nice and pleasant to be around it just shows that when you give kindness you just get kindness in return.”

When co-host Maz implied that there might be some reality TV editing for the upcoming confrontation between Eliza and Kirsty being teased by the network, Eliza clarified that it’s all very real.

“I want to make it very clear that this is no editing. What you are seeing is exactly what you are getting, unfortunately,” she said.


Meanwhile, Kristy and Brett and their fellow married couple Ash and Leah have been copping flak from fans of the show for their behaviour. Some fans are even claiming that the way they’ve been conducting themselves borders on bullying.

OoooOooft, indeed.

As terrible as this is, I can’t wait to see what goes down next week. It’s like watching a train wreck.