How to Apply for Kuwait Civil ID

Expatriates in Kuwait are now required to apply for or renew their civil ID cards, making Kuwait the first Gulf country to enforce this new rule.
To assist expatriates in obtaining this crucial document, Kuwait Times has created a guide outlining the necessary steps. The application process should be completed within two weeks.

How do I apply for Kuwait Civil ID?

If you are new to Kuwait, the Civil Status Department at the Ministry of Interior is the designated location to collect your civil ID card.
To do so, you must book an appointment either online or by calling their helpline. The department offers options for both document collection and delivery.

Once you arrived at the Civil Status Department, proceed to one of the four designated counters based on your registered district, which are located on various floors. Ensure to carry your passport, labor card, and two passport-sized photographs (taken with in the last six months).
If you have an expired civil ID card or is about to expire, head directly to the Ministry of Interior’s Civil Status Department for renewal. Checking the Kuwait Civil ID Status online is also possible via the PACI’s official website.

What if I don’t have an existing civil ID card?

If you are applying for the first time, take your passport and labor card to one of three centers in different districts across Kuwait. The two-week processing time also applies.

I’m visiting Kuwait this month, do I need to apply before coming?

No, if you already have a civil ID card from a different GCC country, you can use it in Kuwait until its expiry date.

What if I have lost my civil ID?

If you have lost your civil ID card and passport then head to the nearest police station for filing a report. You will need three copies of this document – one for printing a new ID, one for the police report and another to take with you to the Civil Status Department at the Ministry of Interior.

You will also need a copy of your labor card, passport size photographs (taken within the last six months), marriage certificate if applicable, and proof of residence in Kuwait.

Who needs a civil ID?

Every citizen above 15 years of age and resident in Kuwait will be required to carry a civil ID card starting September 1, 2017.

Those under 15 years old will need to wait until they turn 15 to apply for a civil ID. Those whose birthday falls after September 1 can get their ID at the Civil Status Department from November 1, 2017, onwards.

Do I need to have a civil ID to enter or exit Kuwait?

No, but you will need one to register at the Ministry of Interior when applying for your residence permit. In addition, all expats in Kuwait are required to carry their passports and labor cards.

If I have a GCC national ID card do I still have to apply?
Yes, you still have to apply for Kuwait civil id.


Kuwait is the newest GCC country to adopt this system, in line with regional directives aimed at improving the ease of transferring services among member states.

The new ID card will present several benefits, including speeding up government transactions either between ministries or with private companies. It also means that employers can verify whether an expat worker has permission to work in Kuwait, by simply scanning their ID card.

Now that the date is just around the corner, expats must ensure that their civil ID cards are up to date or else they will suffer penalties. Expats who have lost their IDs need to go through a multi-stage process – including filing an application for a new passport and labor card at the nearest police station before taking the documents to the Civil Status Department at their local district.

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